Interview for SHAPE Platform Artist of the Week

Read my interview for the SHAPE Platform artist of the week, where I discuss new projects and my approach to ‘sensation’ and ‘perception’ in creating audiovisual performances.

”My works are also often highly gothic in the sense that there is something deeply disturbing lurking beneath…. I’ve had people laughing and screaming inside my installations, and also saying that it can make them want to run and hide and look under the bed in case the sense of scariness followed them there!”

“Ultimately my work is sonically driven, and I think about sound and light in terms of tactility… for me augmenting materiality leads to creative compositional methods.“

Look Under The Bed: Sally Golding Interviewed

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Parsing Digital - new book out now!

Really excited to announce - Parsing Digital: Conversations in digital art by practitioners and curators is my recent publication project which is now available! Featuring seven new articles focusing on deep research and current perspectives, Parsing Digital touches on algorithmic culture, the place of AI in art theory, and public gatherings and participation of ‘digital’.

Editor: Sally Golding
Authors: Addie Wagenknecht / Alex McLean & Ellen Harlizius-Klück / Irini Papadimitriou (V&A) / Luba Elliott / Manuela Naveau (Ars Electronica) / Martin Zeilinger / Sally Golding
Publisher: Austrian Cultural Forum London (ACF), 2018
Designer: Lisa Stephanides, Polimekanos
Cover Image: Alex McLean, weaving code

Further info & free digital & book copies here!

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