Announcing my participation on the SHAPE 2019 artist roster!

Utterly thrilled to be part of the incredible SHAPE 2019 artist roster, which includes diverse sonic, audiovisual and installation artists from throughout Europe. This is an incredible project which involves artists crossing musical genres and audiovisual performance styles to form a consortium at the forefront of innovation.

SHAPE is platform run by a union of 16 European festivals, including Insomnia, Maintenant, Unsound, CTM and SONICA.

”The Creative Europe-supported SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art is announcing its 2019 list of artists. The artist selection for the platform’s fifth year traditionally places a number of audiovisual projects and sound artists alongside musical acts that range from post-grime and techno to free improvisation and acousmatic music.

Initially intended as a three-year project, SHAPE was prolonged to seven years in total, and will be running till 2021 thanks to the support of the “Creative Europe” programme of the European Union.”

Find out more here including the full list of SHAPE 2019 artists

SHAPE artist-list-2019-12.png