'Palpable, Gaze' – exciting new participatory installation project

Palpable, Gaze is a participatory installation which narrativizes and visualizes the algorithmic gaze in 3D space as a method of self portraiture. Concerning perception and considering the democratic aspect of both ‘visual operators’ gazing in awareness at one another’s presence - the installation proposes a situation in which the viewer is actively aware of, and participant in, photographic 'looking'.

Technological evolution within the long history of photographic portraiture has brought about a unique situation in which the image can now ‘see’ us. Under the political tone of facial recognition technology within surveillance, and potential applications such as neuromarketing via eye tracking technology, the emerging photographic act of seeing is an invisible experience in which we shift from being the subject to becoming subjected. Social and industrial trends within photographic processes form part of the system of critique – photography has always offered a form of ‘inner reflection’ from the earliest experimental photochemical self portraits to the over proliferation of selfie culture. By imagining photographic vision in 3D space, Palpable, Gaze questions if there is there a potential reversal of power in democratising the act of emerging photographic vision over succumbing to and privileging the multifarious gaze.

Project Credits:
Palpable, Gaze is a research and development project funded by Arts Council England, Developing Your Creative Practice.


Arts Council England - Developing your Creative Practice

Interview for SHAPE Platform Artist of the Week

Read my interview for the SHAPE Platform artist of the week, where I discuss new projects and my approach to ‘sensation’ and ‘perception’ in creating audiovisual performances.

”My works are also often highly gothic in the sense that there is something deeply disturbing lurking beneath…. I’ve had people laughing and screaming inside my installations, and also saying that it can make them want to run and hide and look under the bed in case the sense of scariness followed them there!”

“Ultimately my work is sonically driven, and I think about sound and light in terms of tactility… for me augmenting materiality leads to creative compositional methods.“

Look Under The Bed: Sally Golding Interviewed

Sally Golding SHAPE Interview.jpg

Mix for SHAPE Platform on Resonance Extra

Listen to my 40 minute mix on Resoance Extra exclusive for the SHAPE Platform, featuring fresh studio material from Swan Meat, Sculpture, Phantom Chips, new tracks from Myriam Bleau, Jörg Piringer and Stephen Cornford from forthcoming albums, live performance recordings from Tara Transitory and a duo with myself and Seymour Wright, plus a stack of Australian artists, and many artists who have previously taken part in my curatorial Unconscious Archives events.

Prepare your ears and minds for a sonic dérive!

Listen here: SHAPE # Sally Golding - 22nd January 2019

Sally Golding Resonance Extra mix.jpg

Artist page in Film In The Present Tense book

An artist page I created to ‘commemorate’ my performance at the symposium and festival – and now book – Film In The Present Tense (Berlin, 2017) is available now!

“…contributions from participants and guests of Film in the Present Tense – International Symposium on Current Developments in Analog Film Culture, held in Berlin. It reflects a contemporary discussion around the use, value and purpose of analogue film from a multiplicity of perspectives: artists, filmmakers, scholars, archivists, curators, technicians and manufacturers.”

Organized by LaborBerlin in collaboration with Filminstitut Udk Berlin. Published by Archive Books (Berlin, 2018).

More about Film In The Present Tense publication + order copies

FitPT - Sally Golding artist page.jpg
FitPT covers.jpg

Work discussed in new book 'Experimental and Expanded Animation'

Really nice to see this excellent new book Experimental and Expanded Animation published by Palgrave Macmillan and edited by Vicky Smith and Nicky Hamlyn - a great resource on contemporary practice. I’m proud to receive a few mentions in the book, including some detailed discussion of my work in expanded cinema and sound over the years in the essay by Dirk de Bruyn.

Experimental and Expanded Animation, Palgrave Macmillan

Experimental and Expanded Animation.JPG

Announcing my participation on the SHAPE 2019 artist roster!

Utterly thrilled to be part of the incredible SHAPE 2019 artist roster, which includes diverse sonic, audiovisual and installation artists from throughout Europe. This is an incredible project which involves artists crossing musical genres and audiovisual performance styles to form a consortium at the forefront of innovation.

SHAPE is platform run by a union of 16 European festivals, including Insomnia, Maintenant, Unsound, CTM and SONICA.

”The Creative Europe-supported SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art is announcing its 2019 list of artists. The artist selection for the platform’s fifth year traditionally places a number of audiovisual projects and sound artists alongside musical acts that range from post-grime and techno to free improvisation and acousmatic music.

Initially intended as a three-year project, SHAPE was prolonged to seven years in total, and will be running till 2021 thanks to the support of the “Creative Europe” programme of the European Union.”

Find out more here including the full list of SHAPE 2019 artists

SHAPE artist-list-2019-12.png

Coming soon - field recording on LEVE

This October I was invited to create a field recording for the vinyl compilation LEVE. Situated in the north of rural Spain, the incredible recording studio and label is run by Rafa Martínez del Pozo and Esperanza Collodo. Each edition of LEVE features 8 artists from diverse visual and music arts practices.

About LEVE
“LEVE publishes sound editions on an annual basis. These are conceptually inscribed in the idea of environment and field recording, and compile works made by invited artists. Artists are invited to stay on location and to respond with their work to a ‘set of rules’ related to site-specificity, duration and time of recording. The editions are made on 45rpm 10inch vinyl and artwork is silk-screen printed by hand.”

LEVE 7 release date approx. Jan/Feb 2019.

LEVE vinyl covers.jpg
LEVE field recording site.JPG

Parsing Digital - new book out now!

Really excited to announce - Parsing Digital: Conversations in digital art by practitioners and curators is my recent publication project which is now available! Featuring seven new articles focusing on deep research and current perspectives, Parsing Digital touches on algorithmic culture, the place of AI in art theory, and public gatherings and participation of ‘digital’.

Editor: Sally Golding
Authors: Addie Wagenknecht / Alex McLean & Ellen Harlizius-Klück / Irini Papadimitriou (V&A) / Luba Elliott / Manuela Naveau (Ars Electronica) / Martin Zeilinger / Sally Golding
Publisher: Austrian Cultural Forum London (ACF), 2018
Designer: Lisa Stephanides, Polimekanos
Cover Image: Alex McLean, weaving code

Further info & free digital & book copies here!

Parsing digital unpacked.jpg
Parsing Digital partners.jpg


Live @ Cafe OTO, London, Friday 10 August - as part of Container's 2-day Residency

Excited to be performing a new live sound and light set harnessing the flicker and shutter mis/frame rates of my laboratory strobe light the Strobotac, and various other flashing devices, outputted through mini camera and mini projector. Brilliant line up across the 2-day event at the effervescent Cafe OTO.


More info & Tickets


The Oram Awards - online

I was thrilled to receive a 2017 Oram Award at a ceremony at Turner Contemporary in Margate. Info on all the 2017 Oram Awards Winners is now finally available online!

The 2017 Oram Awards winners are Ewa Justka, Klein, Claire M Singer, Mary Stark, Elvin Brandhi, Kathy Hinde, Shelly Knotts and Sally Golding. Check out all the winners on the new website.

"PRS Foundation, the UK’s leading funder of new music and talent development, together with The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop created The Oram Awards celebrating innovation in music, sound and related technologies by the next generation of forward thinking women. Named after Daphne Oram, one of the founding members of the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the awards hope to build on her legacy."

Oram Awards.jpg

Forthcoming Digital Arts Publication

A collection of short articles presenting new conversations and critical urgencies in digital art from the perspective of practitioners and curators. This project reflects on the activities of the Austrian Cultural Forum London’s public events programme focussed on new and innovative art in 2017 including Emotion + the Tech(no)body curated by Sally Golding as part of Unconscious Archives Festival 2017, and the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Digital Design Weekend.

Editor: Sally Golding
Authors: Addie Wagenknecht / Alex McLean & Ellen Harlizius-Klück / Luba Elliott / Martin Zeilinger / Sally Golding / Manuela Naveau (Ars Electronica) / Irini Papadimitriou (V&A)
Publisher/Designer: Austrian Cultural Forum London/Polimekanos & Cours de Poétique
Book launch events: 19th September 2018, Cafe OTO, London20th September 2018, Austrian Cultural Forum London
Release date: September 2018

Photo: Emotion + The Tech(no)body exhibition Austrian Cultural Forum London; artwork by Stephen Cornford; photo by George Darrell (image cropped)

Photo: Emotion + The Tech(no)body exhibition Austrian Cultural Forum London; artwork by Stephen Cornford; photo by George Darrell (image cropped)


Spatial-Golding new commission for Tyneside Cinema 'Projections' series

Excited to be selected to present a new immersive live audiovisual experience, specifically tailored to respond to the parameters of the cinematic space for Tyneside Cinema's artist film 'Projections' series. Decompression will feature generative AV systems and a club meets cinema soundscape. A collaboration with UK electronic musician and creative technologist Spatial coming up in 27th September 2018. Details on the event here and read the Tyneside Cinema news announcement of the full programme here.

Tyneside Cinema Projections series.jpg