Spatial-Golding present an immersive space situated between cinema and club. Specially made for a re-invented cinema context.

Light Begets Sound

A shifting project of generative feedback systems, amplified lighting, prepared screens and phasing projection beams.


Multifarious live performance collaborations with UK musician and creative technologist Spatial transversing the club and gallery.

Breaching Transmissions

Immersive audiovisual happening in collaboration with UK electronic artist Spatial, taking the audience on a hallucinogenic dark carnival ride.

Spirit Intercourse

Audiovisual composition for the online or physical gallery space, pushing the thresholds of capture and display, and expectation and experience.

Optical Sound

Cine-sonic interventions– ‘darkroom compositions’ re-working the optical soundtrack as a form of psychoacoustic 'radio play'.

Amplified Light

Shifting performances exploring the ‘noise’ of light and sound, balancing analogue and digital light combinations and mixing desk investigations.

Physical Intervention

Breaking the expectations of performer-technology-audience relationships through expanded cinema works using the body as screen.

Participatory Installation

Audiovisual compositions spatialising the viewer’s presence and inviting interaction with the artwork, the space and others.

Lathe Cut Audio

Sounds hand lathe cut in edition, experimenting in primitive direct lathe cutting, playing back the friction of the amplified surface.

Studio Sounds

Sonified productions from material, electric and vocal investigations informed by the experience and form of live performance.


Published articles musing on digital art, sound art, liveness and expanded cinema from an artist-curator's perspective.


New book release: Conversations in digital art by practitioners and curators. Edited by Sally Golding. Published by Austrian Cultural Forum.