Photo by Arianna Lago for The Wire


Sally Golding is a British-Australian artist creating live immersive audiovisual performances, sound art releases, participatory installations and critical writing. Her work considers participation and liveness in audiovisual art as a mechanism for shared experiences and dialogues examining the role of the audience within new technological contexts.

Sally Golding’s (UK/AU) unique aesthetic blends discordant sonics and harsh lighting– invading the physical performance space to inhabit happening, chance and chaos. Her approach to sound art is informed by her background in experimental film and expanded cinema, especially her innovative ‘darkroom compositions’ reminiscent of tape cut-ups created by re-working the optical soundtrack area of the industrial film soundsystem as a site for psychoacoustic radio play. Her use of amplified lighting and light sensitive audio taps into systems of interference and generative feedback, harnessing the frequencies inherent within her choice of devices including sonified laboratory strobe lights, repurposed camera flash units and LDR sensors. Golding introduces disruption in her live performances by interacting with technology as an instrument using mixing desk input and feedback, analogue and digital light combinations forced onto prepared screens, and her own sampled voice cut through a layered impasto of sounds. Golding has experimented with lathe cutting her own audio– inscribed recordings married with the sound of the substrate– hand cut onto silver foil and released in special editions. Golding has developed collaborations with Joel Stern (AU) as the punk film/sound duo Abject Leader, and more recently with electronic music producer and creative technologist Spatial (UK) performing immersive light and sound environments as Spatial-Golding.

Golding's participatory installations are audiovisual compositions which spatialise the viewer’s presence via reflection and generative sequencing, inviting the viewer to interact with the artwork, the space and with others. Her installations also draw upon her professional work in archiving and digital imaging for renowned institutions, invoking concepts relating to data, content, accessibility, user interface, longevity, display and integrity.

Golding is also the curator of discursive and sensorial events and festivals Unconscious Archives (LDN) and OtherFilm (AU). Unconscious Archives Festival 2017 featured over 40 artists and writers and was described as “a platform for women defying genres and breaking boundaries, raising the bar of opportunity for female-identifying and transgender artists internationally” (Resident Advisor), and as “a titanic program for an extraordinary festival” (Makery).

Golding has performed at key institutions and festivals throughout the UK, North and Central America, Europe and Australasia including Tate Britain, Serralves Museum (PT), Digital Culture Centre (MX), CAM2 (ES), Sound of Stockholm (SE), Abandon Normal Devices (UK), San Francisco Cinematheque (USA), Institute of Modern Art (AU), Contemporary Art Tasmania (AU) and the South London Gallery (UK). Golding’s work has been featured in The Wire magazine (2016), and by publishers including Millennium Film Journal, Tate Modern and Palgrave Macmillan. Golding received an Oram Award 2017 (New BBC Radiophonic Workshop/PRS Foundation) for women innovating in sound and creative technologies.

South London Gallery, UK, Your Double My Double Our Ghost, 2016
Contemporary Art Tasmania, Australia, Exhaust, 2016
Institute of Modern Art, Australia, Out of Body Out of Mind, 2010
Independent Exhibitions, Australia, An Other Face: Spell for Living & Dying, 2009
The White House, Hoarders of the Absolute, Australia, 2005

2018 + upcoming:
Cafe OTO, London, part of Container 2-day residency, 10 August
Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK, 'Decompression' w/ Spatial, 27 September
Cinema, Expanded, Hopkins Hall Gallery, OSU, Ohio, USA, 28 November
2017: S8 Mostra de Cinema Periférico, Fundación Luis Seoane, Spain / Splice Festival, Richmix, London, duo w/ Spatial / Cafe OTO, London / East End Film Festival, London, duo w/ Spatial / Labor Berlin, Film in the Present Tense, Berlin / Back to the Future, Filmwerkplaats, WORM, Rotterdam
2016: San Francisco Cinematheque, USA / Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘The Museum as Performance’, Porto, Portugal, solo & w/ Spatial / Fort Process festival, Sussex, UK, solo & w/ Spatial / Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CAM2), Madrid w/ Spatial / Cable Festival, Nantes, France / Cafe OTO, London, duo w/ Seymour Wright / Contact Festival, London, duo w/ Spatial / Whitstable Biennale, UK
2015: Art Cinema OFFoff, 42nd Flanders International Film Festival Ghent, Belgium / Magnet Festival, Sweden Melbourne International Film Festival w/ Spatial / The Independent Film Show, Naples / Contemporary Art Centre, Lithuania, e:THE:REAL ZONE:: Cinema In Cibernetik Space / Cube Microplex, Bristol / Cafe OTO, London / Audiograft, Oxford / International Film Festival Rotterdam
2014: Sound of Stockholm, Sweden / Digital Culture Centre, Mexico City / Supernormal Festival, UK / Analogue Recurring, London / Black Box Live, Edinburgh International Film Festival / FlexFest, Florida, USA / Assembly: Five Years of British Film & Video Art, Tate Britain, London
2013: Fylkingen Festival, Stockholm / Supernormal, UK / Aberystwyth Theatre, Wales / Analogue Recurring, Lo & Behold, London / Outer/Inner (Space), London / New Low Gallery, Melbourne / OtherFilm Festival, Brisbane / AVANT Goes Live, Sweden
2012: Oslo Cinemateket, Norway / BEAM: Brunel Electronic & Analogue Music Festival, UK / PLAY, Madrid / Kraak, Belgium / Hackney Film Festival, London / Collectif Jeune Cinema, Paris / Experimenta, India
2011: Colour Out of Space, Brighton, UK / Cherry Kino, Leeds International Film Festival, UK / Sonica, Slovenia / Late at Tate Britain, London / Mal Au Pixel, Paris
2010: Psycho Subtropics, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne / The Glass Delusion, Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, UK / Abandon Normal Devices, Manchester / Cafe OTO, London / Nowhere, London
2009: Open Frame, Brisbane Powerhouse / Audiopollen Festival, Old Museum, Brisbane / Music Stimulants, Brisbane Powerhouse / Psycho-Sub-Tropics, Tape Projects, Melbourne
2008: The Stone, New York / Director’s Lounge, Scala, Berlin / Cafe OTO, London

2012: Gasworks, London
2010: Apparent Motion Festival, San Francisco Cinematheque
2009: Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne / ‘Retinal Reflux’, New Zealand Film Archives
2008: Exist in 08, Metro Arts, Brisbane / Oddball, San Francisco / Melbourne International Film Festival / Now Now Festival of Spontaneous Music, Sydney
2007: Liquid Architecture, Sydney & Melbourne / FPS, Auckland Film Festival, New Zealand
2006: Mono, Institute of Modern Art / Unsound, Wagga Wagga, Australia / MadCat International Film Festival, San Francisco / Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco / Flux-us, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
2005: Articulating Space, Melbourne / Transacoustic, Auckland / What is Music?, Brisbane Powerhouse
Electrofringe, Newcastle, Australia
2004: Smallblackbox, Institute of Modern Art, Australia / Syncretism, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane

Arts Council England, Developing Your Creative Practice, 2018
Oram Award, The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop & PRS Foundation, 2017
Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts (UA2017), 2017
Sound and Music Embedded residency with South London Gallery, 2015-2016
Australia Council for the Arts, Experimental & Emerging Arts, 2015
ACME Studios – Australian & NZ Festival of Literature & Arts, London, 2014
BBC RADIO 3, Jazz on Film, 2013
Lord Mayor’s Fellowship, Brisbane City Council, 2010
Asialink Award, University of Melbourne, 2010
Aphids, Professional & Creative Development Grant, Australia, 2009
Queensland At Home, Queensland Music Festival, 2009
Arts Queensland, Professional Development Grant, 2008
Synchresis DVD, Australian Network for Art & Technology, 2007

Unconscious Archives, 2011-ongoing, audiovisual & sound art series, London: UA2017 Festival & Exhibition
OtherFilm, 2006-2012, festival & live audiovisual/screening events, Australia
Psycho Subtropics, 2009-2012, performance art & noise showcase, Australia
The Bleeping Light, 2014 – The Wire magazine, Off the Page festival, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK