Spirit Intercourse 1

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Spirit Intercourse / 8min 40sec / 2015 / Composition by Sally Golding / Sound Recorded & Produced by Spatial / Video by Sally Golding

Composed of light sensitive audio devices, handmade synthesisers, a voice sampler, and a contact microphone on a 16mm projector, the audio recording surmises moments experienced during the live performance of expanded cinema – constantly failing devices and worn away film strips, the menace of a pressurised ‘live’ environment and audience and performer expectations. The energy of the track is tense – threatening our capacity to perceive with threshold pushed to the limits bringing forth wails of electrical protest. The visual track mimics and interferes with these ideas – toy lights, torch and strobe lights shone directly into the lens of a smartphone camera interrupt the video frame rate, making visible the shutter as system detritus. The vocals give the title to the track – lifted from the pages and spines of dusty tomes about the Spiritualist movement.

Created for the exhibition Exhaust, at Contemporary Art Tasmania, Australia, curated by Erin Sickler.

Please listen with headphones or on a decent sound system, and watch in full screen.

Sally Golding, Spirit Intercourse from OtherFilm on Vimeo.