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In this new collaboration Sally Golding (AU/UK) and Spatial (Matt Spendlove, UK) draw upon their respective practices using sonified lighting and emergent software in a sensory and hypnotic opto-sonic live set. Golding harnesses the frequencies inherent in her choice of light sources – camera flash units and a laboratory strobe light – creating discordant sonics and harsh lighting, whilst using torch light to tease begrudging sounds from small handmade light sensitive audio devices. Spatial constructs systems of minimalist vision and lighting through his use of home coded software and an analogue modular synthesiser, flipping sound and light relationships into polyrhythmic convulsions. A synthesis of both their longstanding enquiries into phenomenological optics and acoustics, Golding and Spatial explore live-ness in banging audiovisual intent.

Spatial: Home coded software; modular synthesiser & drum machine. Golding: Laboratory strobe light; camera flash units; LDR sensor & light bulb; DMX lights; portable noise devices, haze machine

Condensed version of live performance at Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Portugal (2016)

Photo by Katja Goljat, Sonica Festival, 2016