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Live lines typical of the most common phrases about near death experiences are spoken and decayed over a cacophonic disruption of plundered library horror sound effects and music samples hand printed as optical sound on film. On screen a hand creeps around some classic TV fuzz captured by a process of digital and analogue refilming. The performance is overdriven by a rotating cyan and yellow colour filter wheel and a sonically and visually pulsing strobe light. A disjunctive experience – the media is embodied, haunted.

2 × 16mm optical sound hand contact printed film loop & reel; voice – phrases of the near undead; Optical Devices – Laboratory strobe, rotating colour filter wheel; Bodily interference

Sally Golding “Light At the End of the Tunnel”, Analogue Recurring, London, July 2014 from OtherFilm on Vimeo.

Drawings made by audience member Dot during the live performance of Light At The End Of The Tunnel at Audiograft Festival, UK, 2015.