The Cube, Bristol, UK presented by Qujunktions, Thursday April 2nd

A Qu Junktions / Unconscious Archives / BEEF co-promotion

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Thursday 2 April 2015
The Cube
4 Princess Row, Bristol, BS2 8NQ
7.30pm – 11.00pm | £6 | Buy Tickets

A bill high stacked with possibilities as these three hugely respected and very individual artists fill the building with projectors, film and sound/music.
From the USA, Bruce McClure steps off the international stage to deliver his banging, attack/decay tour-de-force on overdriven celluloid with an hour long film and sound projection performance.

Bruce McClure
McClure forcefully employs the phenomena of visual flicker and the phasing of sound to create long form, trance like states of ‘ecstatic reverie’. Adapting the gate of the projector by inserting metal plates, and using alternating loops of flicker film, McClure deftly adjusts projector focus and lamp intensity to conjure physiological effects. Film loops double up as a pulsing optical soundtrack, which McClure modulates using guitar delay and distortion pedals to exact a polyrhythmic experience.

‘Bruce McClure’s film projector is a weapon. Its ammunition is raw light. Darkness is both its adversary and its matrix. Radiant blasts inflame the theatre of perception. The void retaliates. This is a cinema of thunder and lightening.’ – OtherFilm

Sally Golding
Golding’s performances utilise contact-printed waveforms on torchlight-exposed, hand-processed 16mm film, with multiple projectors, an antique laboratory strobe light, effects units, handmade synths and light sensitive devices, a rotating colour-wheel filter and overdriven voice. She also co-programmes Unconscious Archives.

“Sally Golding deftly exploits precisely that flapping and buzzing embedded in the media that mutates, as it transmits from format to format, into recognisable sounds such at the swelling of a thunderstorm, layering in an impasto of noise.” – Stuart Heaney (Psyche Tropes, 2014)

Louisa Fairclough
Fairclough is a Bristol-based artist using voice as material. In her sculptural installations, a line of film, a beam of light and a channel of sound are experienced physically and aurally. The film loops slice through a space to create sensate and resonant drawings. Devised in collaboration with composer Richard Glover, the film installation is one of a series responding to a single page from Fairclough’s deceased sister’s sketchbook. Following threads of thought and lines of emotion, her drawings and visual poems are interpreted as sonic and spatial scores for the film installations and choral performances.