Supernormal, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire, 9th-11th August 2013

Supernormal is a festival like no other, providing a powerful antidote to the current malaise of festivals-as-big-business. Blurring the boundaries between art and music, performer and audience, it champions the iconoclastic and the experimental, allowing risks to be taken and leaps of imagination to occur.

For Supernormal Sally Golding will present Face of An Other, a projection performance set in a clearing in the woods. Spooky!

16mm film reel & film loop, vintage sound effects, unhinged Foley, stroboscopic lightning
Obsessions with horror manifest as phantasmagoric projections onto the filmmakers own body in a bizarre accumulation of unreality. Notions of ‘projected’ identity, grotesquerie, and the uncanny are interrogated in this shifting projector alignment for face(s). Golding’s key expanded cinema work, as noted in the recent symposium on Expanded Cinema at the Tate Modern.

Sally Golding at Supernormal

Supernormal website

Thanks to Matilda Strang, Arts Curator, for inviting me!