Special silver lathe cut edition for LaborBerlin 2.0 – Film Ain’t Dead crowdfunding campaign

Primitive lathe cut audio recording as an art object, specially made to support the crowd funding campaign LaborBerlin 2.0 – Film Ain’t Dead.

Using a home record lathe cutting machine, a relic from the 1950s, the sound was cut onto thick adhesive silver foil. Made by embossing with wide grooves lubricated with bicycle oil, the needle also plays back the friction of the amplified surface as another layer of noise. Sampled spoken words shift form and meaning, underpinned by opto-sonic noise devices. Reminiscent of the gaps in-between expanded cinema noise sets.

Pictures In Your Mind (2min 45sec) & See and Hear (2min 15sec) / 2016 / 33 ½ rpm / Direct lathe cut embossed recording on silver foil / Recorded with MSS Recording lathe (Master Sound System) / Sound by Sally Golding / Lathe cut by Edward Nowill / Mixed by Spatial. Edition of 4.

With thanks to Edward Nowill.

The lathe cutting process onto silver foil:

Silver Lathe Cutting – Sally Golding (Pictures In Your Mind) from OtherFilm on Vimeo.

The tracks before they were cut onto silver foil: