Outer/Inner (Space), London, 19th April 2013

Screening and performance event addressing different spatial configurations in moving image work, using Warhol’s 16mm double projection, Outer and Inner Space (1965), as a point of departure.

Leading the audience through various interior and exterior spaces around the college for a series of located screenings and performances, the event will foreground concepts of public gesture, private experience and architectural manifestations.The selected works will investigate the dialogue between embodied and screened environments, exploring tensions between filmic and affective realms, raising questions around identity in relation to space.

The programme will include:

- Outer and Inner Space (1965) Andy Warhol
- …the traveller walking walking walking through… (2010) by Clare Gasson, performance originally commissioned by Bridget Crone, Media Art Bath
- A Study of Relationships between Inner and Outer Space (1969) David Lamelas
- Face of An Other, projected performance by Sally Golding

The event is organised by final year students of the MRes Art: Moving Image course at Central Saint Martins in affiliation with LUX: Mark Blay, Elizabeth Cufley, Oliver Dickens, Elizabeth Frey, Laura Genevieve Jones, Andrew Locke, Marta Michalawska, Tabita Rezaire, Erica Scourti, in association with acting course leader Duncan White.

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Special thanks to Oliver Dickens for inviting me!