New interview with Sally Golding in Sound and Music's The Sampler

Meet the New Voices of 2016 – Sally Golding Talks Curating, Creating and Audiovisuality

13th May 2016

Every year, Sound and Music shine a light on the work of the composers who are currently in residence on our _Embedded_ and Portfolio programmes. These are our New Voices of 2016. They are creating new, exciting and innovative music, across disciplines, all over the UK.

Audio-visual artist and archivist, Sally Golding, elaborates on her profound fascination with phenomenology and reality, and how her sensory installations translate to her audiences. After working in residence with the South London Gallery, Golding expresses her gratitude for being able to ‘run’ with her ideas, which have ultimately developed into a more defined interest in sound recording, of which she poetically describes as a meditative ‘process of self-reflection’. Golding also explains how her Unconscious Archives series is an advocate of the importance of ‘community,’ whilst describing the inextricable relationship between curating and creating… – Interview by Emma Sugarman

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