James Holcombe & Sally Golding: Aberystwyth, Wales, 6th & 7th December 2013

Friday 6th December, Aberystwyth University, 7.30pm – 11pm
The Foundry Studio, Department of Theatre, Film & TV Studies, Parry-Wiliiams Building

James Holcombe | London
Holcombe’s work combines a deep material engagement with photochemical film with the chance outcomes possible through expanded projection and improvisation across both sound and image. Landscape romanticism is collided with abstract handmade film techniques and chemical interventions which often take the image to the verge of failure… Holcombe is the co-programming of the expanded cinema and sound art series Unconscious Archives (London), and core staff of (London).

Holcombe presents Electric Fence, Ley Farm, and Hair in the Gate
James Holcombe

Sally Golding | Australia/London
Golding combines film projection with performance and installation. She has developed works where she projects films directly onto her body and harnesses the audience’s reflections, creating live cine-sculptures and interactions. Golding creates compositions from printed optical sound and vinyl library music resulting in strained sonorousness. Golding’s projects thread between expanded cinema and media art, curation and audiovisual archiving. Golding is the co-programmer of the expanded cinema and sound art series Unconscious Archives (London), and co-founder of OtherFilm (Australia), and core staff of (London).

Golding presents Ghost – Loud + Strong, Psycho-Sub-Tropo, and Super Grotesquerie.

Saturday 7th December, Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, 11am – 4pm

The Bleeping Light: Photograms & Optical Soundtracks
Facilitated by Sally Golding
Working with 16mm B&W film stock, torch light and an array of random objects and liquid, participants will create a collective abstract film over the course of the workshop using the photogram technique. There will be a special focus on the use of sound in the workshop, by contact printing images into the soundtrack area that the projector will play back as audible light!

Austerity Measures: Tinting & Toning / Creative Destruction of Found Footage
Facilitated by James Holcombe
In a practical sense tinting and toning is the process of converting the silver of a black and white image into a colour – but take it on a tangent and it can lead to wild new ideas, journeys, and worlds of colour without beginning or end…!

This workshop will take you through a hands-on exploration of the history, theories, motivations and concepts behind tinting and toning through the use of found 16mm motion picture film. Participants will have the opportunity to try out and use the following tints and tones on film: Copper, Iron, and Selenium, Mordant Dyeing with violet tint, as well as the use of organic tints such as common the tea bag.

Image: James Holcombe, Electric Fence