Article on Sally Golding in The Wire magazine, June 2016 issue 388

On the cover: Gaika: The London based agent provocateur marshalls speculative fiction, politically charged anger and militant beats against an increasingly inhospitable capital. By Rory Gibb. Plus, Ian Brighton: Returning from the wilderness with his first solo album since 1977, the UK improv guitarist discusses his grandfather’s bell-ringing, the tyranny of discord, spirits passing through space, and other shaping forces on his music. By Julian Cowley. The Primer: Anarcho Punk: The dogged persistence of UK punk’s radical arm has ensured the global survival of its spirit across a variety of media. Louis Pattison presents a user’s guide to the music of resistance. Klara Lewis, Antwood, Sally Golding, Alterations, Telebossa, Global Ear: Snowdonia, Invisible Jukebox: Islam Chipsy, Sofia Jernberg, Rick Potts’s Epiphany. Loads of albums, books and gigs reviewed, and much more.

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