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Exhibition 25 – 29 May 2016, South London Gallery

Sally Golding – Your Double My Double Our Ghost installation from OtherFilm on Vimeo.

An exploration in perception and phenomenology which considers audiovisual art as a participatory experience. Involving multi-sensory projection, optical sheeting, reflection, lighting, and sonic composition, ‘Your Double My Double Our Ghost’ extends Golding’s fascination with the Double and Other, breaching both psychiatry and fiction.

The work invites the viewer to consider representations of themselves alone and together with other viewers. Much like a funfair mirror, flexible silver two-way mirror sheeting is the centrepiece of the work. Lights controlled by custom software are linked to sound samples in a generative pattern creating an unfolding opto-sonic composition – the viewer unaware of when the lights will reveal them within the work, and the sonic textures encouraging a meditative state for exploration. The viewer may see his or herself multiplied or doubled with another viewer as an Other, or find themselves alone in a rare moment of literal reflection. Providing either a contemplative space or eliciting a hallucinatory fantasy, the installation has characteristics based around perceptual distortions of the Self.

Exhibited at South London Gallery May 25-29 2016.

Two-way mirror sheeting (1800mm x 3000mm), 2 x programmable DMX lights, 1 x data projector, sound composition, custom software, viewer reflection.

‘Embedded’ is a Sound and Music composer and creative artist development programme funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, find out more about Sally Golding’s residency here.

Custom software by UK electronic musician and creative technologist Spatial.
Technical installation by multi-visual designer Dizqo.

Spatial (Matt Spendlove, UK) is a an electronic musician and multimedia artist from London exploring low frequency vibration with physical intervention through DJ & live performance on Sound Systems and via recorded media, the structural occupation and perception of opti-sonic transmissions through home coded audiovisual installations and the emergent behaviour of chaotic systems by simple rule based repetition through generative design.

Top banner image: Andy Stagg, South London Gallery
Middle portrait image: Rebecca Botros
Video & bottom image: Sally Golding