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Large form installation investigating the theme of autoscopic hallucination and the Double using two-way mirror, a lighting mixer, looping 16mm film projection, sound design, and the viewer’s own reflection.

Sally Golding works in ‘expanded cinema’, combining film-making with installation and performance. Her work recalls phantasmagorias, the proto-cinematic ‘ghost shows’ first developed in France in the late eighteenth century. For these spectacles, a modified magic lantern would be used to project scary images of skeletons, ghosts, and demons onto walls, smoke and semi-transparent screens, frequently using rear projection. For her installation Out of Body Out of Mind, Golding rear-projects a 16mm film loop of images of ‘the dead’ onto a screen made of sheets of frosted glass and a two-way mirror. As lights flash in the space, viewers will see their own reflections superimposed upon the film projection, becoming ‘ghosts’ themselves. The soundtrack is a collage of musings on the mind and body drawn from old instructional and sound-effects records. A gothic play on presence and absence, the embodied and the virtual, life and death, the work is, like the phantasmagoria itself, neatly situated at the crossroads of science and superstition, philosophy and pulp.

Single 16mm film loop approx. 6mins in portrait 3:4 aspect ratio, two-way mirror, frosted glass laminate, lighting mixer & lights, camera flash units on sensors, electromagnetic pick up, sound composition, audience reflection

Commissioned by Institute of Modern Art, Australia, for Fresh Cut, 2010

Sound Collaboration: Golding & Joel Stern

Photos courtesy of Institute of Modern Art

‘Out of Body Out of Mind’ production still courtesy of the artist