Cosmic Diatribe 2

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Cosmic Diatribe / 3min 18sec / 2015 / 33 ½ rpm / Hand lathe cut recording on silver foil and paper / Lathe cut by Edward Nowill / Sound edit by Sally Golding

Cosmic Diatribe is an experiment in lathe cut audio recording which takes original vinyl ephemera, and translates it as a hand cut object. Altering the original recording to create a new discourse – the negative aspects derived from a personality interrogation are edited together to form an exhaustive, opinionated verbal barrage. Using a home record lathe cutting machine, the sound was cut onto thick adhesive silver foil found in the skip of a glass manufacturer. Cut with a wide groove and lubricant, the sound is embossed onto the foil, the needle also playing back the friction of the amplified surface.

Original lathe cut silver foil discs

Installation view Contemporary Art Tasmania, Australia